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About Us

Image by Kyle Sudu


At Saatchi and Associates, we have a proven methodology that delivers results. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through common sense and a people-oriented approach. Our philosophy is to deliver long-term value and build lasting relationships with our customers. We are committed to sustaining high standards of professionalism and integrity in all of our engagements.

  • We conduct a comprehensive screening process before candidates are presented to our clients.

  • We present only candidates we would hire ourselves – even if this results in fewer candidate submittals.

  • We evaluate each candidate’s technical and soft skills.

  • Our recruiters have extensive industry and management experience that allows them to deliver superior candidates for your staffing needs.


BTW, did you know we are a minority and women-owned firm?

If your company has supplier diversity goals, working with SAATCHI can help you meet them.


Giselle Saatchi founded Saatchi and Associates in 2008 supporting the consumer electronics industry after heading up recruitment at Sony.   The firm has grown to support various industries to include healthcare, consumer electronics, and defense industries.

Saatchi and Associates provide full-service recruiting and staffing services to our clients. Our approach is customer-centered and performance-oriented. We deliver well-credentialed executives, managers, and professionals to a client base that is among the most successful companies and organizations in the country.

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